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The Svovlhatten Care Facility in Odense, Denmark

The Svovlhatten Care Facility is a facility that has conducted extensive tests in welfare technology.
”At Svovlhatten we tested the Wellness Nordic rocking chair on a patient with very distressed and vocal behaviour. He has been behaving this way since he moved into Svovlhatten two years ago. He has found it difficult being calm in a chair, which has made it necessary to secure him with a soft  strap to prevent him from falling onto the floor. 

We have worked with Marte Meo, sensory stimulation and other pedagogical principles, but without success. We were given the opportunity to try the Wellness Nordic rocking chair. It was an instant success. He found peace and quiet. He now spends many of his waking hours in the rocking chair, which has made him calmer and given him a better quality of life.
This has also benefited our staff. Previously this patient required care and attention every 5 minutes. Now the rocking chair has reduced the care and attention required to a level comparable with other patients. It has also improved our working environment as this patient is no longer as vocal.

Our experience here at Svovlhatten means we can recommend rocking chair therapy using the Wellness Nordic rocking chair as part of the care for this type of dementia sufferers.”
Merete Daurehøj, Department Manager

Carriage with armrest and wheels 

The chair can be mounted on an optional carriage with armrests and lockable wheels. 

Carriage with armrest

U-cushion for arm support 

Curves around the user. Covers and protects. Reinforces the feeling of security and relaxation.

Rocking chair with upilow
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