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Hammel Neurocentre – Regional hospital, Denmark

The Hammel Neurocentre regional hospital is a highly specialised neuro rehabilitation hospital for patients with sustained brain injuries covering all of western Denmark.
1. example – Focus on inducing calm
"A 43 year-old woman who has suffered a brain injury and has been admitted for rehabilitation at a rehabilitation centre that provides highly specialised rehabilitation. She appears confused and finds it hard to concentrate and understand the situation she is in.
Her motor skills are agitated and she is very talkative. Her speech is comprehensible but is often disconnected from her immediate situation. The biggest problem for this woman is that she cannot calm down enough to sleep, which has resulted in a loss of circadian rhythms and far too little sleep. 

When she is helped to sit in the ‘rocking chair’ and has a duvet across her, she can sleep for up to several uninterrupted hours during the day and is subsequently calmer. The rocking chair’s monotone movement and the music is probably the reason for this. ”

2. example –Focus on inducing calm and reducing muscle tension

” A 60 year-old woman is admitted to a rehabilitation hospital due to suffering a severe brain injury. All her muscles are very tense. A tension that inhibits her from doing day to day tasks. The woman is presented with the rocking chair and tries it. To give the woman enough support, she is given plenty of cushions either side. It also becomes necessary to add a duvet. We experience that the woman becomes less tense and much calmer and can therefore briefly take part in different activities. The woman also thinks the music and movement is nice and comfortable. 
Anna Birthe Andersen, Specialist nurse and occupational therapist
Clinic for neurohabilitation, cognitive treatment ward

Carriage with armrest and wheels 

The chair can be mounted on an optional carriage with armrests and lockable wheels. 

Carriage with armrest

U-cushion for arm support 

Curves around the user. Covers and protects. Reinforces the feeling of security and relaxation.

Rocking chair with upilow
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