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Enggården Care Home in Dragør, Denmark

Enggården Care home is a larger care home with 5 wards, including 2 closed units for people with dementia. 

"We have tested the Wellness Nordic rocking chair on 11 out of 12 patients with dementia on two of our closed wards. It was a great success in that 10 out of 11 patients who tried the chair enjoyed the chair’s functions and became calmer while using it. 
A number of specific situations proved its effect: 
4 patients spent a long time (1½ hours) in the chair and became calmer through repeated use of the chair.
During the loan period of 14 days, 5 patients who displayed significantly distressed behaviour were instantly calmed when using the chair.

This includes an incident when one patient wanted to hit another. She immediately relaxed when she sat in the rocking chair. 

We have taken advantage of the rocking chair’s flexibility and mobility by using the chair in shared areas and in the patients’ own homes. Both situations had the desired effect on the users.
These experiences mean that Enggården can recommend rocking chair therapy using the Wellness Nordic rocking chair as part of the care programme for people with severe dementia.”
Helle Nordlie
Department nurse

Carriage with armrest and wheels 

The chair can be mounted on an optional carriage with armrests and lockable wheels. 

Carriage with armrest

U-cushion for arm support 

Curves around the user. Covers and protects. Reinforces the feeling of security and relaxation.

Rocking chair with upilow
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