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The Wellness Nordic Rocking Chair

The Wellness Nordic Rocking Chair


Ola PolmeRocking chair therapy has a positive effect on the mental and physical well-being in people with dementia*

*American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

Care staff have experienced that 20 minutes of rocking corresponded to 5 mg of Sobril*

Ola Polmé, specialist nurse, author and lecturer on dementia care 
*Anti anxiety medication

Research studies of Rocking chairs show measurable increase in well-being in people suffering from dementia

American publication ‘American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias® (AJA) is aimed at professionals working with Alzheimer’s care, dementia and clinical depression. The study was conducted over a 2 year period in a care facility that specialized in the care of elderly dementia patients. Participants were between 72 and 95 years old and were divided into study groups according to specific criteria, such as diagnosed dementia.

The Wellness Nordic Rocking ChairImproved quality of life without the need for medication

The study showed that after a session of rocking therapy dementia sufferers felt less anxious, less depressed and more balanced. The rocking chair therapy also proved to be a promising innovative method for improving quality of life for care facility residents without having to rely on medication. The current study shows that care of the elderly can easily benefit from introducing rocking chairs. The use of rocking chairs is safe and practical and provides both relaxation and mental and physical support. 

Ola Polmé, lecturer on dementia care and formerly a nurse at psychiatric units and dementia nursing: 

"In my experience rocking directly improves the welfare of people with dementia. Its calming effect means that less energy is spent on dealing with problem behaviour. I have heard care staff say that 20 minutes of rocking chair therapy corresponds to 5 mg of Sobril.”

Rocking Chair Therapy contributes to a calmer environment for dementia sufferers

"At Svovlhatten, we have tested the Wellness Nordic  Rocking chair on a resident with a very restless and vocal behavior. He has had difficulty relaxing in a chair and it has been necessary to fixate him 
with a soft belt to prevent him from falling onto the floor. We have worked with Marte Meo, sensory stimulation and other pedagogical principles, without success. We have tested the rocking chair. It was an immediate success. The resident became calm and relaxed. He now spents most of his waking hours in the rocking chair. Before, he required care and attention every 5 minutes. Now, the rocking chair has reduced the amount of care and attention that is needed to a level that is comparable to the other tenants. It has also improved the working environment, since the resident no longer shouts.” 
Merete Daurehøj, Head of department, Care Facility Svovlhatten, Denmark 

"One of our adult day care participants is an elderly lady suffering from severe Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s dementia. She is restless and feels best with constant physical contact. She wakes up the other guests when they are napping after lunch. After one hour in the Wellness Nordic chair, she is calmed sufficiently, so that she can participate effortlessly in activities and minor chores.” 
Bodil Sørensen, Dementia Coordinator, Care Facility Sjælsø, Denmark.
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The Wellness Nordic rocking chair  – modern rocking chair therapy

The Wellness Nordic Rocking Chair Wheel The Wellness Nordic Rocking Chair Remotecontrol The Wellness Nordic Rocking Chair On Wheels The Wellness Nordic Rocking Chair Stand Up

The Wellness Nordic rocking chair is a modern rocking chair. It has 3 automatic programmes with moderate movements. It can be set to the exact position the user requires, and provides incredible comfort. It requires no more space than an armchair, and wheels have been fitted to the frame making it easy to manoeuvre.

The Wellness Nordic Rocking Chair basic package includes:

Automatic rocking function and 3 programmes. 
Incl. soothing music composed by Niels Eje (MusiCure®), incontinence cover and cover for footstool.

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Carriage with armrest and wheels 

The chair can be mounted on an optional carriage with armrests and lockable wheels. 

Carriage with armrest

U-cushion for arm support 

Curves around the user. Covers and protects. Reinforces the feeling of security and relaxation.

Rocking chair with upilow
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