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The Wellness Nordic Rocking Chair


Rocking therapy as a cognitive aid

Do you work with patients suffering from neuro-psychological development disorders and who have activity disturbances such as anxiety, shouting, violence, wandering? 

Try rocking therapy, using The Wellness Nordic rocking chair or The Bed Rocker. It often brings calm and well-being to affected patients. They might suffer from dementia, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, acquired brain injury or congenital cognitive limitation.
Wellness Nordic provides cognitive assistive technology for bedridden patients and through rocking chair therapy. 

The benefits of rocking therapy are:

  • Calm for agitated patients, such as those suffering from dementia, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders etc.
  • Welfare and well-being for patients with internal anxiety
  • Stimulation of the ability to balance 
  • Relief for bed sores
  • Improved working environment at care units
Contact Wellness Nordic on tel. +45 3874 5450 or send an e-mail to learn more about rocking therapy and cognitive assistive technology from Wellness Nordic.

Carriage with armrest and wheels 

The chair can be mounted on an optional carriage with armrests and lockable wheels. 

Carriage with armrest

U-cushion for arm support 

Curves around the user. Covers and protects. Reinforces the feeling of security and relaxation.

Rocking chair with upilow
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